Registraion & Fees

Hockey Queensland Registration & Insurance Fees

All players participating in hockey across Queensland are required to pay the Hockey Queensland Registration and Insurance Fee upfront when registering online.

The payment of this fee goes direct to Hockey QLD  Hockey Australia.

2019 Hockey Queensland Fee Structure

 Registration Type HQ HA Insurance TOTAL
 Under 10 (4-9yrs as of 31st Dec 2017)  $23.00  N/A N/A $23.00
 Junior (10-17yrs as of 31st Dec 2018)  $40.00  $17.00 $12.00 $79.00
 Sub-Senior (18-20yrs as of 31st Dec 2018)  $60.00  $28.00 $12.00 $100.00
 Senior (Over 20yrs as of 31st Dec 2018)  $85.00  $28.00 $12.00 $125.00


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Instructions are included on the Portal for New and Renewing Members.